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About us

Dear staff:

Welcome to join the company! I hereby warmly congratulate you on having successfully passed our screening and gloriously become a member of the Double Swords family. Our tenet is to “share success with customers, seek common development with the staff, and make common progress with the society”.

Our objective is to “build an international brand under the name of Double Swords”. Our operating principle is that “Quality is life, and management is the key to profits”. The realization of such an ideal requires that every member of our big family actively uphold the corporate spirit of “innovative, efficient, united, striving, pursuing excellence, and going all out for our goals”, share weal and woe with the company with a high sense of responsibility of an master and the sense of mission, work diligently and take all efforts to forge ahead and fulfill their duties whole-heartedly at their respective posts. As members of a big family, colleagues should cooperate with one another harmoniously. They should accept one another, learn the merits from one another and overcome their own shortcomings, make common progresses, and help one another to advance forward. In this way, we can form a strong fighting fort, and overcome all obstacles on the road of creating the international brand of Double Swords, riding on winds and waves, staying in an invincible position and advancing victoriously wherever we reach, and eventually turn the Double Swords brand.

I hope this manual will serve as a guide for you to create the beautiful tomorrow of Double Swords!

Finally, I sincerely wish you all happy work in the company and a prosperous future!